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OF-1 is a developer framework for OpenEdge 10.x and 11.x that enables individuals and teams to develop local enterprise level systems, SaaS applications, Web UI’s in Java and HTML5 from 1 single ABL source code! It brings Application modernisation with migration possibilities from Character, Standard Progress Client/Server, ADMx, DWP, Dynamics and much more – and is a great Application Developer Productivity Tool. It is also often used for Add-Ons to existing ERP Systems like MFG/Pro or proALPHA. The OF-1 Productivity Suite consists of the core OF-1 product as framework, PCase as ERD diagrammer and source-code generator and Skin-Client as SaaS-ready solution. They all focus on productivity and allow you to grow with your needs. SaaS: Using the multiple UI features of OF-1 allows you to bring your application to the Web automatically. OF-1 applications are SaaS-ready by design! And with the Java Skin Client UI and the HTML5 Client UI you get zero footprint deployment.

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OF-1 3.3 release

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OF-1 3.3 release

OF-1 just release, view new features

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Skin-Client Mobile


Skin-Client Mobile

The Skin-Client for Mobile has a “write once, deploy anywhere” approach which means that your code will run on iOS and Android and Blackberry and Windows Mobile and J2ME.

Download Skin-Client Mobile


ERP Gauguin

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Gauguin is an ERP totaly built with OF-1.

Visit GauguinProjeKt


T4P release


PCase & Viper

PCase and Viper are fully embeded in OF-1 Eclipse

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